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THC test - Dope or Nope

THC test - Dope or Nope
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Description A quick and simple test for the presence of THC in Hash, Marihuana, Hash oil etc. Simply open the ampoule, drop in the little granule with catalyst from the cap and insert your sample. A red colour will develop quickly. About EZ-Test EZ-Tests are quick test kits that can tell you whether a pill or powder contains MDMA, amphetamine, or other psychoactive substances. It's an effective tool in identifying adulterants and other potentially dangerous substances often found in street drugs. One step (single use) tests User friendly Results within seconds Highly reliable and consistent Accurate and sensitive Safe and easy to use No dangerous liquid reagents Usage 1. Open the ampoule with test reagent 2. Insert sample 3. Let ingredient mix 4. Observe colour reaction and discard An information sheet, colour charts and extensive instructions for use are included. Only a small piece of your pill or powder is necessary to perform the test. Warning The EZ-Test can only give an indication of the substance in a sample. It does not provide a 100% guarantee. If you still have doubts about the ingredients of your pill, have your pill tested by an official agency. No right or claims can be derived from using the EZ-Test.

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