Reward points

Make purchases now in our shop is even more profitably and conveniently!

With each purchase you get reward points on your account which subsequently can be used to buy any goods in our shop.

What does reward points Coyote-Fly mean?
Reward points Coyote-Fly – this is NEITHER electronic money, nor means of payment, they cannot be received physically, converted in any type of money, etc. Reward points Coyote-Fly – this is the indicator of purchaser’s activity in the online store – . The higher the activity of the purchaser, the greater discount strictly proportional to the previously paid purchases in our shops, the purchaser receives.

Where does the reward points come from?
Points are charged after payment of the order. The quantity of the points that are due for certain products, is stated on a card of the product on the site of the store. If returning the order and payment for it — the reward points added for this transaction “burn down”.

How quickly the reward points are allocated?
Reward points are allocated to your account immediately after the order is paid.
Bonus points calculation system works only when executing the order from the site.

How to use the reward points?
When executing the order on the site, you can state any number of your points you want to spend when executing the order. They are written off immediately after the order is placed, and you will see the value of your order already with regard to the used points. When cancelling the order, they are immediately returned to your account.

Are the points returned if the product is returned?
Yes, everything will be returned to your account within several days. In case you return a product for which the points were already allocated and which are already spent for another order, the sum for the used points will be deducted from the sum to be repaid.

Is it possible to transfer reward points from one account to another?
Yet, it is possible. To do this you need to write an application to [email protected] (you have to write from e-mail that is tied to the account from which you want to transfer the reward points).