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Wild Lettuce 50x extract

Wild Lettuce 50x extract
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Wild Lettuce 50x extract 2,5G

Wild Lettuce has a weaker effect than opium, but it is without the side-effects. In some cases, better results were accomplished in the curing treatment with lactucarium in comparison to opium.
Wild lettuce calms and relaxes the body. It's pain relieving effects can replace an chemical painkillers, without the dangerous side effects.
Wild lettuce can be used as a natural pain remedy for muscles and pain in the bones. Or as a natural treatment for asthma and coughs, the herb helps to reduce throat irritation of the bronchial tubes and lungs.

How to use:
To make wild lettuce tea, pour a cap of boiling water onto 1 teaspoon, around 0,5-1 gram from the Wild Lettuce 50x Extract. Wait for 10-15 minutes than drink!

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