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Smoking King Size Deluxe

Smoking King Size Deluxe
Smoking King Size Deluxe Smoking King Size Deluxe
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Smoking King Size Deluxe + Filtertips

Smoking® have their delux black label range, included in this is Smoking Deluxe King Size Slim Rolling Papers with Filter Tips which all comes in one handy size pack. Each pack of the black label king-size slims comes with 33 papers made from rice paper and 33 perforated tips so you won't need to hunt around the house or pop down to the local shop for your filters. The papers are slow burning with each paper being 110mm in length and 44mm wide and come with the famous Smoking® watermark top hat logo on each paper. Smoking® only use natural gum and the delux kingsize are no exception. A coloured slip folded in with the papers will remind you when you're running low. If you like you can buy a full box of Smoking® papers which works out a lot cheaper than buying a single packet.

  •     Smoking Deluxe with Filter Tips
  •     Black Label Ultra Thin
  •     King Size Slims
  •     Rice Paper
  •     Natural Gum
  •     FSC® Certified
  •     Lick and Stick
  •     33 Perforated Tips Per Pack
  •     33 Leaves Per Pack
  •     Size: 108 x 44mm
  •     Made in Spain

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