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Harem Power

Harem Power
Harem Power Harem Power Harem Power
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Optimal performance and enjoyment in bed! Harem Power "Chocolate For The Adult Man" has a libido increasing function, it improves your sexual endurance and helps to prevent weak erections. Each bar of Harem Power Chocolate is composed of 100% natural aphrodisiac ingredients and delicious Belgian chocolate, an effective mix in which the action of each substance has been amply proven over the centuries. Delicious to eat and works in no time.
Harem Power gives you long lasting and firm erections, a dramatic improvement in your sex drive and will make you experience orgasms like never before. When your sex life can use some fun, a little push and extra potency then is Harem Power a delicious and well deserved improvement of your sex life, with the boost you need to get the job done!

Take 1/3 bar at a time about 45 minutes before starting of sexual activity. Do not use more than 1 bar per 24 hours.

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