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RAW Perforated Wide Tips

RAW Perforated Wide Tips
RAW Perforated Wide Tips RAW Perforated Wide Tips
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RAW perforated wide tips, just like all other RAW products are made from all-natural products and use Chlorine free paper. The tips also have been blended with cotton and hemp which make the paper really soft and flexible.
Each tip has a number of perforated strips on one side that make it nice and easy to roll you tip.  ou can also use this to create a ‘Z’ shaped centre, which is a great way of adding a bit of extra strength and cooling down when you inhale.

  •     Raw Natural Wide Tips
  •     50 Tips Per Pack
  •     Perforated Sides For Easy Rolling
  •     Natural Hemp and Cotton
  •     Chlorine Free
  •     Suitable For Vegans

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