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Mushroom Gummies Cherry

Mushroom Gummies Cherry
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Lions Mane gummies 40G

This mushroom was originally found in several continents: North America, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find in Europe these days. So if you think you have this one in your backyard, the chances of it being a real lion are even higher. Incidentally, it is forbidden in the Netherlands to pick this Lions Mane, because it is an endangered species.
This mushroom is also an excellent nutritional supplement (whoever found out about this has dared to take a risk), just not as you encounter it in nature. A special way of breeding is required to ensure that it is an excellent nutritional supplement. This in pure and processed form (food supplements) is legal to buy and sell in the Netherlands. And there is of course a good reason to buy this as a consumer, besides being a culinary pinnacle.
The Lions Mane gummies are a perfect choice for those unfamiliar with edibles or other nutritional supplements. Thanks to the tasty flavors, they are a good alternative for people who want to focus on better concentration, reducing anxiety, improving the immune system and supporting learning. Thanks to your favorite flavour, it is pleasant for everyone to take these gummies and still get the Lions Mane extract.
The gummies are legal and easy to take anywhere, they are also delicious in taste and super effective. Make sure not to store the gummies in a warm place, as the candies will melt and this will not benefit the product. You should also keep the gummies away from children, the candies are not dangerous or poisonous but it is not intended that a child ingests a high dose of lions male.

Lions Mane benefits:

  • Good concentration and focus
  • Support with learning ability and memory
  • Good for the brain
  • Effective with adaptogen
  • Improving immune system
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Better cognitive ability
  • Good for the heart

What should a good Lions Mane meet:

  • These are organic
  • Have different active ingredients
  • Do not contain unnecessary additives
  • Are an extract (from Lions Mane of course)
  • Contain mycelium

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