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LEMON KUSH 2G Cannabis Light

LEMON KUSH 2G Cannabis Light
LEMON KUSH 2G Cannabis Light LEMON KUSH 2G Cannabis Light
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Now available online here at Coyote-fly, HSW Lemon Kush Flowers, Cannabis Sativa with a level of 10.5% CBD for less than 0.2% THC.
These flowers have been hand-selected and are the product of organic farming in Italy, grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
Thus, the organoleptic properties of the harvest are maximised and guaranteed to contain no toxic agents.
The low THC level of these hemp flowers means that they give no psychoactive effect, which makes them legal in the majority of countries, like France or Spain.
HSW Lemon Kush legal cannabis 10.5% CBD:

  •     THC: less than 0.2%
  •     CBD: up to 10.5%
  •     No psychoactive effect
  •     Hand selected flowers
  •     Organically grown
  •     From hemp grown in Italy
  •     Cultivated without chemical fertilisers or pesticides

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