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Kanna 40x extract

Kanna 40x extract
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Preis 21,50€
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Kanna 40x extract is a highly concentrated variety, with 40 times the power potent than a standart Kanna powder. Kanna couses an euphoric feeling and a more intense connection with the environment. With some users Kanna reduces fear, improves the mood and increases their libido.
Small dose: Kanna gives an energy boost, some users describe (tingling sensations) or the desire to dance. Others report enhanced ability to think clearly and focus.
High dose: Stimulating effects are exchanged for sedation, experienced by both mental and muscle relaxation.

How to use:
Kanna 40x Extract can be chewed with gum, snorted, smoked or brewed into tea. For the best effect you can sniff the powder or lick it, in a small amounts, with a drink.

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