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Fat Banana Cannabis Cookies

Fat Banana Cannabis Cookies
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Preis in Bonuspunkten: 75

Fat Banana is the result from the love game between OG Kush and Chiquita Banana. Two strains that are highly praised by connoisseurs for their high THC content and delicious taste.

At the Cannabis Bakehouse, we use this strain as one of the ingredients for our Fat Banana Cannabis Cookies. Anyone who smokes Fat Banana or uses it with a vaper is better not a beginner because the THC content is around 25%. Biscuits with so much THC would probably keep you glued to the couch all day and that can never be the intention. But, ingenious as we are, we were able to extract all the healing terpenes from the plant. Only the THC we do not use in baking all these goodies, it will certainly come in handy for one of our other products.

As a bonus, we applied little chunks of tasty and healthy chocolate and we have made the packaging larger. That way you can enjoy your favorite Fat Banana cannabis cookies for longer and more without feeling high or stoned. Even the subtle exotic banana flavor was not lost during the baking process and your taste buds will thank you for that. They are very suitable as a snack to treat yourself during a busy day or to enjoy in the evening on the couch with a cup of tea. Because of the relaxed feeling you will experience after eating one or more cookies, you can turn even the busiest day into a pleasant working day..

Because our cookies do not contain THC, they are completely legal and you can eat take them with you, wherever you go.

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