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The Herb Garden 0.5g 50% CBD

The Herb Garden 0.5g 50% CBD
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The Herb Garden 0.5g 50% CBD

Did someone wish for a high quality, potent CBD herbal incense in orange and mango flavour? For a great price? You're in luck! The Herb Garden is a fantastic, premium herb that's a huge 50% CBD.

Each 0.5g tube is stocked with this beautifully developed herb that'll get your mouth watering and smiling at the same time. An original from Cannaherbs UK, we're proud to stock this CBD herb at a fantastic price.

A beautiful 250mg CBD product, it's a solid one that'll soon be a classic to enjoy over and over again.

Contains Cannabidiol:
250mg CBD / -0.0005% THC

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