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Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies

Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies
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The Wedding Gelato cannabis strain, which is used by our bakers to conjure these delicious cannabis cookies out of their oven for you, is an Indica dominant strain. Cookies are especially popular with people who don’t smoke or vape. Although a notorious blower will also dig into the cookie jar every now and then, simply because they are so tasty. Our cookies were prepared with chocolate, sugar, vanilla powder, eggs and of course enriched with the terpenes from the beautiful Wedding Gelato cannabis flowers.

The strain is a triple cross between Wedding Cake, Gelato and Gelato 33 creating a new take on one of the most popular cannabis strains, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.
Even though the Wedding Gelato is no less than 60% Indica, we still measure around 25% THC content and the CBD value is very low. As a result, its effect is very similar to a premium Sativa. The main advantage of this strain is that you can expect an uplifting and motivating high that will even cause euphoria at certain times. What is also characteristic of this crossing and especially nice; both a crippling physical pain and a negative mindset disappear as long as the effect lasts.

However, due to the lack of THC in these delicious cookies and the high amount of terpenes present such as Mycrene, Limonene and Linalool, they ensure that the supporting effect is maintained, but that the intoxication is not. You will feel wonderfully relaxed without being high or sleepy and that is what makes our cookies perfect for enjoying during the day.

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