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British Bulldog 0.5g 50% CBD

British Bulldog 0.5g 50% CBD
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British Bulldog 0.5g 50% CBD

The British Bulldog is a strong, iconic symbol of, well, strength, which is exactly what this CBD herbal incense has in the bucket loads! Each 0.5g tube is packed with a huge 50% CBD herb that smells and tastes of a gorgeous tutti fruity flavour!

Sweet, fruity, even tropical, these herbs are ready and waiting to be top of your favourites list and will have you smiling in no time. They really are a great company and we love the epic job Cannaherbs UK have done is making something truly special.

So, stop wondering what could be and make it happen by placing your order. With something as powerful as The British Bulldog, you simply can't go wrong.

Contains Cannabidiol:
250mg CBD / -0.0005% THC

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