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Absinthe 10X Extract

Absinthe 10X Extract
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Absinthe 10X Extract 5G.

Absinthe (Wormwood) Extract 10 x concentrated (content: 5 grams) is a dried form of the herb Wormwood. You use Absinthe or Wormwood extract to make Absinthe yourself. Absinthe Wormwood or simply Wormwood is a plant from the sunflower family and related to the mugwort plant, which grows on roadsides. It is a bitter and menthol-like tasting herb about which a lot of myths are known.

Absinthe was prohibited
In the early 20th century, Absinthe was prohibited in several countries. It was suspected that the substance Thujone, which is present in the plant in high doses, could lead to poisoning and addiction. Renewed insights in the use of Absinthe in alcoholic beverages showed that the amount of Thujone is much lower then previously thought. It is assumed that especially in those times an exaggerated intake of alcohol of Absinthe-containing alcoholic beverages has been the cause of mental errors and addiction among Absinthe drinkers. In 2010, the ban on Absinthe was revoked. Still, enduring use or use in large quantities is not recommended.

Absinthe extract
Absinthe extract is also known by the name of Wormwood in English. Absinthe, Absinthe extract from Mystic Herbs is extra-concentrated and suitable to make alcoholic Absinthe or tea from it. Absinthe can provide a relaxing or peaceful feeling, stimulates creativity and in combination with alcohol it can provoke hallucinations.

Alcohol Absinthe
You make Alcohol Absinthe by adding 5 grams of Absinthe 10 x extract from Mystic Herbs to a bottle of 0.7 liters of an alcoholic beverage such as vodka, pastiche or raki. Let this steep for 2 weeks and then filter the liquid through e.g. a panty and the Absinthe is ready for use. Alcohol Absinthe is also called the Green Fairy because if turns nicely green and because of its inspiring effects. If you prefer to drink it without alcohol, you can simply make tea of it by steeping 1 teaspoon for 15 minutes in hot water.

Content: 5 grams.

Do not use in large quantities for more than 4 weeks. Use during pregnancy is not recommended.

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